January 31, 2019

The inaugural TEDxLagunaBlancaSchool was an absolute success--and we  couldn't have ​done it without our wonderful speakers, ​sponsors, and audience. The event occurred on January 31st at Laguna Blanca School in sunny Santa Barbara. The sixteen speakers spoke to a sold-out audience about what it means to evolve ourselves, our community, and our world. 


The theme EVOLVE was chosen because it can be seen in every aspect of today’s world--whether it be technology, music, science, media, or the human condition. Development and progress are steadfast in the century we live in, as change can be seen in all features of life.





speakers and performers



team members


Kevin Jones

Jordan Killewbrew

Ava Morouse

Jenny Schatzle

Meredith O'Connor

This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED. 


In the spirit of TED, the TEDx program was created to give communities the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at their local level. Hosted on our very own upper school campus, this annual event is produced entirely by a team of 9-12th students.


Learn more about TEDx.

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