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Tickets for our February 2, 2022 event!

Live stream tickets are available now! We are hopeful that a limited amount of in-person tickets will be available soon.

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At this time we are only selling live stream tickets; however if conditions improve so that we can safely sell a limited amount of in person tickets we will do so at a later time. If you have already purchased a live stream ticket, and in person tickets become available, you will be allowed to upgrade your ticket if desired.

"Beneath the Surface" is being produced and shared with the entire LBS student population, faculty and staff. For those in our greater community, we graciously ask you purchase a live stream ticket to be able to join us on our exciting event day, as well as supporting the creation of TEDxLagunaBlancaSchool. 100% of ticket proceeds go toward the production of the event including design materials, rentals, audio/visual and other supplies to make the event fabulous for our audience! Thank you for your support, especially during these difficult times.

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